Thursday, January 20, 2011

KC Backpack for Kids @ Auntie M Clients Making a Difference!

Did you know that there are 101,000 Kansas City area children that are on free or reduced lunch programs at school? Many of those same kids have little or no food available to them on weekends. The reality for thousands of children is to face a long weekend with little or nothing to eat.

These kids are more focused on their hunger than on their studies, causing them to fall behind while suffering lower grades than their well fed peers. Auntie M's mission is to reach out to local communities by providing another tool to raise money to support these kids. All the profits are donated—so, let's join hands together and do what is necessary to keep these kids on the right track; with food, better grades and a brighter future!

Auntie M Gifts is asking you to support KC Backpack for Kids—food program by purchasing a case of candles. Doing so will support up to eight hungry kids for a month. As a business you can utilize these candles to build rapport with clients, build moral with your employees or, for personal use.

Auntie M Gifts went to help at The Church of the Resurrection-Leawood, KS, January 13th, 2011. Marissa & Jerry Dudley, Jr., along with Ross Polete, girl scouts, and students, volunteer to fill just over 1100 backpacks, to feed children in need for this weekend. This is done every week from September thru May. Auntie M Gifts is on a mission to help this church and others feed more children in need. If you would like to find out how you can help or if you need to fund your own organization contact Jerry at Auntie M

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