Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Internet Referral Marketing Will Make A Difference

If you have not done much marketing on the Internet, it’s time to get on board. There’s not a huge investment, and if you are consistent it will help grow your business. If you are invested in building your business, your business will be growing not slowing! If you are an owner or officer of your company don't forget about a linked in profile!

1) Get a Website

A professional and user-friendly website does not have to cost thousands of dollars, but it can. While most of our clients have a website and a blog site, some just have a blog. It functions as their primary website. This is totally acceptable. If you chose to go with a custom website that is not a blog, be sure that your web design company has experience and results with search engine marketing. If your site is not built to be search engine friendly, it will be slow to move up the Google rankings, where potential clients can see it. In fact, it may stay stagnant on page 10 for eternity. SEO is very important.

2) Get a Blog and Post Regularly

 Blogs through Blogger are inherently SEO friendly since Google is their parent company. If your website is a blog, then you don’t have to have a separate blog. Without a blog, you limit your potential for ranking high on Google’s SERPs (search engine results pages). You see, a blog is considered news by Google, so it gets priority over traditional website pages. Additionally, every blog entry is archived by category and date, so over time, the blog site accumulates a huge library of dental articles. This is also great for search engine optimization (the things Google looks at when indexing websites). Your blog should have original content posted weekly, at a minimum. Posting daily will yield better results and posting regularly lets your clients know that you care about your business. In the blog posts, be sure to include links from keywords to related information on your main website or other blog posts. The original content in your blogs, the number of blogs, and the links in your blogs factor in to your Google SERP placement. Make sure that your blog and your website are linked and have the same logos. It is also important to make sure the names are related. If you website is http://http://leawood.tobiznet.com then your blog should be http://leawoodtobiznet.blogspot.com/

3)      Get a Newsletter

Specifically, you should get a Newsletter that looks professional and is distributed quarterly, at minimum. Start by sending your newsletter to your client’s emails. Also, add an opt-in form on your website and blog so that interested people can subscribe. In the newsletter’s text, include links to your website and blog. Each newsletter should have interesting, timely information about your company, products/services, clients, and community involvement, if applicable. The idea here is to keep your products and services in sight of your clients. 

4)      Get a Business Facebook Page

Again name this the same as your company and use the same logos you used on your website and blog. This brands you so people know who they are dealing with. Make sure you link all of your sites together so potential clients can wind their way through your companies web. The longer a potential client stays on your sites the chance of them becoming a paying client is increased.

5)      Become a Member of a ToBizNet Network

When a network of non-competing businesses starts working together to help each other, the results can be amazing. We have seen business owners more than double their businesses in less than six months when they use the system and catch the ToBizNet vision. As your network grows, you and your fellow business members continue adding promotions, coupons, and rewards for others to take advantage of.

People will start to tell one another about your ToBizNet marketing efforts. One person tells another and that person tells another and soon, clients will be attracted to your company. Now your marketing power is multiplied. As you get to know other businesses in your network and they get to know you, they begin passing referrals.
Sending and tracking referrals is quick and easy with ToBizNet’s referral tracking system. Referrals don’t come just from other businesses. If you have an effective referral rewards program, you’ll also begin getting referrals from the clients or customers of other businesses as well as your own.

When you put it all together you will have more clients and will have lowered your cost of getting and retaining your clients. If you are interested on learning more about ToBizNet contact me @ 913-735-5614.

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